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Starting a business from scratch is tough especially on an active online universe. The struggle of creating something from zero is understandable and at some extent difficult to cope with in early-stages of ecommerce for starters.

At this point a readymade business is the best solution to draw up a starters in launching operations quickly. This saves time, energy and efforts made towards building the platform. A readymade business needs to be customized according to the business industry, model and should be available for deployment within hours and not years.

Job world factory is a platform where you can find a readymade business that can help startups in a wide range of industries to launch their stores. Here, product and services from various places can be changed to any city dedicatedly towards custom development & following the hacking. There is a variety of stores to choose from specifically in this platform.

Product and services that you can find in readymade stores

  1. Seo marketing service store
  2. Cosmetic store
  3. Mobile hair dresser service
  4. Carpenter service store
  5. Homed food business
  6. Cleaning service store
  7. Shopping assistant service store
  8. Gardening service store
  9. Shopping assistance service store
  10. Loan Advisors Business
  11. Legal advice business
  12. Ceramics Online Store

You can find a readymade business on,

Advantages of a Readymade made business

  1. It is affordable

Entrepreneurs who go for readymade businesses end up saving millions of money over the years .An entrepreneur does not have to think about investment by choosing a readymade bussiness.Also it will be easy for a startup entrepreneur to adopt on various approaches and archive  dreams online.

  1. No Hiring cost is incurred

Hiring and retaining top performing employees or retaining their talent, in a business setup is Mostly a challenge in early-stage startups. This is due inadequate resources, making them unattractive for expert developers.

A readymade business saves an entrepreneur from all providing a solution solution to get a genuine idea about the capabilities of the Job World Factory.

  1. Free Trials & Demos

Ecommerce brands can try out free demos offered by readymade solution providers to see if it fits their brand proposition and business model. This is generally not the case with developers who build things from scratch. Startups need validation at every point. And with free trials and demos of a platform’s capabilities, they can make better business decisions and plan for future growth, efficiently. Also, entrepreneurs can read case studies and success stories of brands already using a solution to get a genuine idea about the capabilities of the platform.

  1. Easy to Manage Post Launch

Readymade platforms are designed in a way that the apps and websites can be handled easily by anyone. There is a minimal requirement of a technically proficient resource to handle the operations. Even after the launch, all the aspects can be handled easily from a single dashboard. This means a Non-tech founder of a startup can even manage the entire store without any help.

  1. Built-in helpful Unique Commerce Features

The apps and websites rolled out are already equipped with all the significant features of a modern ecommerce platform. Payment gateway integration, Shopping carts, coupon product filters and offers, marketing tools, etc. are already embedded in readymade ecommerce platforms.

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