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1) Glow Adult

GlowAdult is a social media website where creators and influencers charge a monthly fee for subscribers to access their account. Creators, influencers etc keep 80% of the money generated by their account, whilst the remaining 20% goes to GlowAdult.

Once the subscription fee is paid, users gain access to your content where they can view your exclusive content.Also this is a great platform for advertisement because you can advertise your bussiness to the audience you create here


Smart Light People Ads Marketplace Provides advertising solutions for publishers and marketers to buy and sell Ad Space.

It was initially created for the creators on the main platform but it has opened its platform to all types of ad publishers, that want to sell their Ads Space.

Creators, influencers, models etc also use the platform for Bookings, They create a profile with appointment slots so Brands and Businesses can book them directly.


Job World Factory has a mission to bring the world together working. Providing an online freelance platform for Freelancers and companies to meet. It Connects businesses of all sizes to freelancers and professionals.

You can put your services as a freelancer and sell it to millions of buyers on this site.


Jobworldfactory uk , is the UK division of the main Job World Factory platform. Jobworldfactory UK is a freelance marketplace where you can advertise your skills and services and sell them to massive buyers.


Academy World Factory is an online learning and teaching marketplace. It is Free to use.

With students paying for access to courses, tutors create video lessons and Upload. Teachers are able to advertise and their skills and sell learning materials to students and earn a decent income from the Courses they sell.

6) Smart United World

Smart United World is a Freelancing Website. You can easily advertise your projects since it free to use. You can start earning when buyers browse through your advertisement and offer you a job/projects by business or individual that need that particular work carried out. Join today. It’s Free. Become a Freelancer or Post your freelance projects.

7) Zolgoo

Zolgoo is a great place to advertise your vouchers online .It is the number one voucher website in the UK. The People’s Choice for vouchers and coupons and a Best place to find deals online.

Placing a business deal on Zolgoo is free they take 15% for every sale you make and charge £5 for putting business vouchers.

8) Smart Mag World

Smart Mag World is a UK MAGAZINE that whilst bringing business stories from how to run a business to People and their experiences with their Journey to Success. People can easily promote businesses on smart mag world at a small fee of up to 3£.


Tezlow offers a full cycle solution for ecommerce store owners .Tezlow boasts a range of advanced features to improve your content marketing and allow you to promote your product in different ways.

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