How I Earned 10 Dollar Online with Job World Factory in A week

Edward Berkshire November 23, 2020 No Comments

How I Earned 10 Dollar Online with Job World Factory in A week

I was eager as I hadn’t earned as a freelancer before. I didn’t know the best site where I can get this skills so I asked a friend who has been working with Academy World Factory as an English teacher and she chose to refer me on the site. I enrolled at an online class with academy world factory for couple of days and I was good to go. Here I learned skills on how to blog on Seo amid the herd of other freelancers.

At academy word factory they required nothing than two hours, of my time listening to an online tutor and engaging in class activities with other colleagues.

Later on after two days, I opened my Job World Factory account and I was able to write blogs. I clicked on the link notification and started working. The third day of that week my work had attracted many readers and I had my first earning of 5$ in my account within an hour. This was my first ever pay through freelancing. After that, I could believe that making money online with Job World Factory was possible.

Letter on I realized that there are folks who make profit online by teaching various classes on academy world factory like my friend so with the skill that I had acquired I decided to chip in and open an account on this platform too, this was my second time on this platform but this time round I was here to teach.

I earned an overall $5 during this time with that teaching gig and by the end of the week I had made a total of 10 dollars plus I had learned and made a career for myself with two major platforms. It was not a huge amount, but the exhilaration made it worth it. I was lucky enough to have a mentor like my friend with whom I am aspiring to work with for many years to come and make more cash.

The unsaid yet apparent truth is that you won’t believe you can make money online until you make money online. It happened to me. It happens to everyone. It can happen to you.


But for this to happen, you’ll have to try.


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