How this 40 year old dad

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How this 40 year old dad

Made $20,000 on to pay of his $14,000 debt

Johnny Brown found himself in a situation many families are facing today due to lockdown .He was deeply in debt with no job and young children to provide for.

Brown income as a recruitment consultant was not sustainable. His wife Helen, both now 40, remember brainstorming ways to pay off the $70,000 they owed due to expenses like credit cards, car, personal loans and medical bills.

Within 3 months of setting his goals as freelancer at job world factory, he was well on his way. I have always worked in a company as a recruitment consultant. Until the Lockdown hit and I couldn’t work anymore. I found alternatives and ended up creating a profile on After 4 months, many of the clients in the marketplace that I have connected with have become returning customers. I created a gig and started offering recruitment services for businesses.

I helping small businesses find the best staff. I also created another gig providing explainer videos. In my first week I created 3 explainer videos. Which was great because things started to take off. His wife opened her own profile on and she offers Web design services. It’s been different these 4 months but I’m glad we made this change, He said.

I’ll be honest I was forced into this way of working as a result of the Lockdown but after 4 months of working on I will not be returning to my old way of working.

The financial freedom that came with being debt-free is amazing and the platform keeps me busy, I hope this continues.

I love that I’m able to give my time to my family. My online career gives me the flexibility to spend a lot of time with my family. My wife Helen is a full time mum so we can do more things together. Get started at job world factory to day and start earning like Mr. Brown:



Currently Brown job world factory profile services priced at $5 with minimum orders to $30. The average customer, spends more than $500 according to him.

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