Start making money for Christmas

Edward Berkshire November 23, 2020 No Comments

Start making money for Christmas

Holidays can be so expensive. Between Thanksgiving, Christmas, and the many other holidays, the average person tends to spend around $1,000 just on gifts. This amount doesn’t even account for other holiday spending, such as travel costs, food, get together, decorations, and more.

A lot of you were wanting to know about the different ways to make extra income during the holidays, such as ways to make extra money for Christmas, for many different reasons: to increase your monthly income, to save more money, to help pay for holiday expenses, to have more holiday cash, and so on.

You can start making extra money on an online TV network at

In order to make money on Smart Light People (SLP), the first thing you’ll need is a Smart Light People channel.  You can set one up 100% free at

As for me, I created a channel, I love cooking so it was easy for me to create content 2 times a week. I got monetized after 4 weeks which was pretty awesome.  My first payout was $120 which I really great considering I had just started. My next payout was $175 slightly more But it wasn’t enough as I needed to make more so I decided to join affiliate programme sell to my Audience I created a store on Amazon and Tezlow Marketplace. Things got really interesting that month, my store received a few orders. People from my Channel where visiting my store, so I knew this was working. As a result I started creating health videos on my Smart Light People Channel and selling the recipes on my Stores.

A month later I was contacted by a cooking company to promote their cookware to my Audience. They paid me very well and I can say now that after 4 months I have improved financial but I have still not reached my financial goal.

You can also start making money today on Once you have your SLP channel set up, then follow the steps below;

  1. Consistently publish a lot of videos on Smart Light People (SLP)
  2. Optimize your videos for specific keywords and rank them on SLP
  3. Be patient and grow your subscribers first 
  4. Monetize your Smart Light People channel.


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